Just had a great session with Satty, she was non-judgemental, loving and kind. Gave me good directions to seek happiness and end goals. 🙂

 Anoop S.
I have been working with Satnaam for Around 6 months now. She was precise and told me what I needed to know. It was a bit confusing at first but that was just the way I understood things at the time. She has help me clear my way through some pretty rough stuff and I look forward to what things come my way in the coming years. I definitely hope her and I get to keep working with each other for some time. Thank you, SatnaamJoseph
She is amazing. So spiritual and knows what she is talking about. She is practical and is straight to the point. Life is about manifestation and Spiritual Satnaam will get you there.Rosa
Truly an amazing person – She has really helped me since last year – Really walked me through my troubled and confusing times and still does – I am lucky to have her as a friend, life coach and more….

Thanks Sat!Mamoon Rashid
I just started my sessions with Satnaam and can honestly say I will be continuing. She was very accurate in her reading and the advice given was truly genuine.Ms M
Satnaam, i cant thank you enough for taking time out and sharing your gift with me….all your words resonate with me and i am so glad i found you.
You have given me hope and showed me the way to my happiness and i promise that i will follow the path to reach where i want to be.
God bless u my friend.
love and light.
Satnaam is a wonderful teacher who "walks" the "talk" … she
genuinely desires the best for her clients and I am going to start
implementing the tools she has given me to effect change …. excellent!
Satnaam is a kind-hearted and wonderful woman. Although I've only consulted with her once, I feel like she has made a great impact on my life. I'm impressed with her honesty and desire to help people achieve even their wildest dreams. Satnaam has opened my eyes in many ways. She didn't only help me give up my reading addiction, but she also empowered me to become the creator of my life. How silly it is to depend on someone when you can simply have anything you desire? I honestly couldn't be more thankful. Apart from the exercises Satnaam provided me with and her willingness to walk me through every step, I can feel how much warmth she radiates. My experience with her has been beyond incredible, and I would recommend her to anyone from the bottom of my heart. I truly feel like now I shifted to a mindset that will stay with me permanently. Love her! 🙂M..
Awesome!!!Mamoon Rashid
Satnaam has helped me in so many ways. i have become so much more relaxed and calm within my everyday life and things have been falling into place for me thanks to her coaching and healing. She truly is one of a kind and helps you to discover your inner power and light. Keep being awesome my Satty. xoxoLenora

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